What we do

Team Internet is the mother of two beautiful children:


ParkingCrew is the market leader in the domain parking space, enabling our customers to monetize their domain portfolios.

With our self service platform, domain owners can display relevant ads and use our self optimizing system to maximize their revenue.

We believe that smarter technology excels manual adjustments, that’s why we A/B-test every aspect of our customers traffic to make sure ParkingCrew delivers the best optimized monetization for every domain.

With more than 150.000.000 hits per month, running an off-the-shelves stack isn’t an option. At ParkingCrew, building our own nameserver and a specialized webserver comes hand in hand with running and syncing our own hardware in two datacenters as well as processing data at AWS.

What some call “unfeasible challenges” is our daily business.


We built TONIC. as an easy-to-use self-service platform to buy and sell traffic.

Advertisers can buy traffic with a CPC (cost-per-click) based real time bidding model. They bid on exclusive, high quality traffic with multiple targeting options like geo, carrier, desktop/mobile, operating system, browser and many more.

Publishers can sell their traffic by creating campaigns with auto-optimized keywords, templates and clickstreams.

Being one of the biggest marketplaces means 30.000–40.000 requests from all over the world, which have to be checked, compared, evaluated, stored, pimped and kissed goodbye on their way to all major players in the advertising business – and that’s per second!

Do you want to become a unicorn-ninja-dev?
Can you sell stuff like that?
Are you the best at crunching numbers?
Want to program code that helps doing all these awesome things with cutting-edge technologies?

Well, look over here.