What we do

Team Internet is the mother of three beautiful children:


ParkingCrew is the market leader in the domain parking space, enabling our customers to monetize their domain portfolios.

With our self service platform, domain owners can display relevant ads and use our self optimizing system to maximize their revenue.

We believe that smarter technology excels manual adjustments, that’s why we A/B-test every aspect of our customers traffic to make sure ParkingCrew delivers the best optimized monetization for every domain.

With more than 150.000.000 hits per month, running an off-the-shelves stack isn’t an option. At ParkingCrew, building our own nameserver and a specialized webserver comes hand in hand with running and syncing our own hardware in two datacenters as well as processing data at AWS.

What some call “unfeasible challenges” is our daily business.


Enter the realm of TONIC., a tool so enchanting it transforms ordinary web traffic into extraordinary revenue. We wield the power to open previously sealed doors to exclusive advertising feeds, guiding our publishers with expertise in optimizing their campaigns. The magic lies in our ability to pinpoint user interests on “search result pages,” directing them to offers tailor-made for their needs. Yet, gaining access to TONIC. isn’t a mere turn of the key; one must demonstrate mastery in mediabuying. The outcome? Millions of paid clicks illuminate screens worldwide every day.

In a realm where publishers effortlessly augment their earnings by linking users with premier services and products, TONIC. stands as the guardian of user privacy, championing the “Search-Feeds” approach. We understand the human instinct to seek solutions through keywords and queries. Hence, we’re on a mission to empower users by offering the finest deals while safeguarding their personal data. TONIC. grants discerning publishers exclusive entry into high-yield search advertising feeds, maximizing their earnings per click. For content publishers, we provide cutting-edge advertising solutions, enabling them to tap into the most lucrative feeds available. Together, we’ll revolutionize digital connections and elevate the online experience to unparalleled heights!


Adsolutely reshapes the online advertising landscape, effortlessly blending personalized feeds while eliminating the intrusive nature of native ads.

Our cutting-edge technology harmonizes content with audience interests through creative keyword pairing. Users wield the power to craft ad formats, ensuring their brands radiate with forward-looking, cookieless promotions.

The state-of-the-art Adsolutely AI guarantees seamless “contextual” placements, safeguarding the website’s core identity while managing all optimization intricacies.

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