This is: Team Internet

Located in Munich, Germany, Team Internet is a leading provider of services in the direct navigation search market. Read about our story.

With an estimated market size of US $1 billion per year [1] direct navi­gation traffic has a 4.23% conversion-to-sale rate which significantly out­per­forms other traffic sources such as search engines (2.30%) and internet links (0.96%) [2]. Direct navigation is the preferred way of users to locate a site for the first time [3] which makes this traffic source a prime vehicle for user acquisition.

Team Internet products currently reach more than 2 billion visitors per month.

Read more about our handcrafted core values, on which we decided to live/work on.

Also lovingly handmade by our staff is our Vision/Mission:

“Together we create sustainable value in the digital domain for everybody with great ideas.
We believe that this is best achieved through innovation, technological leadership, mutual respect and trust, following our Core Values.”

We build things we are proud of. That’s why our employees learn to master lots of technologies that we use in our Technology Stack – and sometimes even bring the big players to the limits of their capacities.

Team Internet AG is part of the London-based CentralNic Group PLC (AIM: CNIC). CentralNic develops and manages platforms and services revolving around all branches of the Domain industry, including Sales, Hosting, and Parking as well as Traffic Monetization and Brand Protection. Empowering businesses globally to prosper with their online aspirations is the overall goal driving all endeavours of the CentralNic Group and its brands. As part of that vision, we, as Team Internet cater industry-leading technology and decades of experience to provide proper tooling to monetize the internet.

[1] RBC Capital Markets, 2006; Susquehanna Financial, 2005
[2] Susquehanna, 2005
[3] Users locate a site for the first time using direct navigation between 51 and 59% of the time according to a study conducted by Verisign in 2005